About Us

We're a group of persons linked by a same objective

Our first years

2005 — 2008

In year 2005 Soluciones Corporativas IP was created. Let's shrink it and call it SCIP, we thought at that time. Created by a team with a large path on the Internet, their objective is the operation of own business born and managed on the Internet.

In year 2006 we achieved the accreditation as ESNIC (Red.es) registrars, obtaining the warranty of becoming a .ES domain registrar without intermediaries. In our heads a name already chased us, “DonDominio”.

During years 2006 and 2007 what we today can see at DonDominio.com was conceived. A complete domain management system developed by ourselves, without any standard software. This allows us to obtain a complete control of our system and adapt it to the most immediate needs of our clients.

In 2008 we obtained the ICANN and EURid accreditations.

SCIP nowadays

We're focused in multiple areas. In one hand, services and on the other on contents / media.

In services we offer domain registrations, shared hosting plans and SSL certificates under the MrDomain brand, with a clear slogan: “low cost domains, as you want”.

We also offer an online national (Spain) mobile phone number top-up service. Our brand TuSaldo.com offers the possibility to top-up any mobile phone number in an easy and comfortable way.

Since 2012 we offer Wimax/WiFi Internet connections in rural areas under the ConectaBalear brand. Since year 2014 we're a Virtual Mobile Operator (OMV, in Spanish), adding also mobile phone plans to our services.

We manage also a local content network: MediaBalear, which comprehends portals like InfoBalear.com, AnunciaBalear.com or FutbolBalear.es.

Our offices

The company headquarters, creative meeting point.

Where we are

Find out where our office is located, the neuralgic center of the company and where we build from scratch all our projects.

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If you like new technologies, Internet, open source software and you're usually called a “nerd”, this may be your ideal workplace.

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